For your climate-neutral heat

my Premium Pellets, based in southern Styria, combines lifestyle and environmental awareness. The my Premium Pellets mission is to create a high-quality product.

“my Premium Pellets is the provider of climate-neutral energy for people with high demands. This is absolutely green energy.”

Matthias Kroell, owner and managing director of my Premium Pellets

The my Premium Pellets product will not just superficially communicate sustainability – it will tangibly integrate sustainability into our lives. A product to ensure a win-win relationship between people and nature.

Sustainable reforestation

By saving the forest we will save the world! In partnership with TreeMates we are supporting reforestation to save our planet. Trees are planted where it matters most: in the tropics. Not only will we together stop global warming by replanting but we will also be supporting local farmers. Food and new jobs will be created and the regional population can even put newly planted forests to economic use, for instance by planting rattan palms, coffee and cocoa.