Heat, with a clear conscience

my Premium Pellets are pressed exclusively from spruce and fir wood. These types of wood are the only ones guaranteeing top calorific value and will burn as climate-neutral as possible.

“The CO2 returns to nature’s cycle to be bound again in new timber.”

Matthias Kroell, owner and managing director of my Premium Pellets

my Premium Pellets are produced exclusively by top companies where the origin of the materials and production conditions are our primary concern.

“my Premium Pellets will again be sieved before delivery to reduce dust content to less than 1%.”

Matthias Kroell, owner and managing director of my Premium Pellets

Even the natural soot and ash residues will be well below 1%. The high purity of the my Premium Pellets material will thus be beneficial to heating systems. my Premium Pellets will also extend the service life of your pellet stove – to the benefit of climate, stove and your well-being.

Our entire production is subject to regular internal and external auditing and is FSC and PEFC certified. This guarantees short and traceable transport routes and top pellet quality.

Top class
materials, origin &

Quality features

  • Produced in the EU
  • EN-certified and awarded quality class A1 – the highest possible
  • Traceable origin
  • High standards of processing and storage

ENplus certificate

Lengthmax. 40 mm
Diameter 6 mm
Bulk weight> 650 kg/m3
Heating value≥ 4,87 kWh/kg
(≥ 17,53 MJ/kg)
Ash content≤ 0,5 %
Wood moisture≤ 10 %
Dust content< 1%

What does ENplus mean?

ENplus is a worldwide quality certification for wood pellets. An independent inspection body will check the operational facilities. Samples of loose pellets will be taken and tested for origin and quality of processing. The certification body will repeat inspections once a year to guarantee the high quality standard of the pellet products.