My Austrian Pellets


My Austrian Pellets
are 100% Austrian. The top product made from the best softwood in the region. The natural soot and ash residues in our pellets are well below the 0.70% required for the best European quality class. My Austrian Pellets ensure a longer service life for your heating system, prevent expensive repairs and offer you pleasant and natural warmth. My Austrian Pellets Pellets are pressed exclusively from the best spruce and fir wood from Austria. Only these types of wood guarantee the highest calorific value and burn as climate-neutrally as possible.

  • Made in Austria
  • ENplus® certified
  • Quality class A1 (highest class)
  • Traceable origin
  • High standards of processing and storage

Delivery to whole salers in Austria and throughout Europe.

Pallet format
72 bags = 1080 kg

6 mm
Bulk density
650-700 kg/m3
Net calorific value
≥ 4,8 kWh/kg
Ash content
≤ 0,4 %
Moisture content
≤ 8 %
Mechanical durability
≥ 99,0 %
Packaging (Bag)
15 kg
My Austrian Pellets
The Austrian
Top product for
Sustainable heating.