My Premium Pellets pallet


My Premium Pellets
With a lower ash and moisture content, they guarantee longer burning times and protect your heating system. The best pellets in Europe made from 100% spruce. The natural soot and ash residues in our pellets are more than half less than the 0.70% required for the best European quality class. My Pellets guarantees a longer life of your heating system, avoids expensive repairs and offers you pleasant and natural heat. My Premium Pellets are pressed exclusively from the best spruce and fir wood. Only these types of wood guarantee maximum calorific value and burn in the most climate-neutral way possible.

  • Production in Austria
  • ENplus certification
  • Quality class A1 (highest class)
  • Traceability of origin
  • High standards of processing and storage

Delivery to whole salers in Austria and throughout Europe.

Pallet format
70 Bags = 1050 kg

6 mm
Bulk density
650-700 kg/m3
Net calorific value
≥ 4,8 kWh/kg
Ash content
≤ 0,3%
Moisture content
≤ 7,5%
Mechanical durability
≥ 99%
Packaging (Bag)
15 kg
My Premium Pellets
for a longer-lasting heating system and the best calorific values.